I hadn’t really intended breeding in South Africa till I had been back here for a couple of years, but when Shantih came into season in late 2015 I decided to ”go for it”, and to use Excalibur Bolt, a stud dog with my very first pedigreed RR in his pedigree, many MANY generations back.


The resulting litter exceeded my expectations, with 10 bitch puppies whelped in January 2016, and they were so good and so even that I decided to keep Nimla. However, although very correct, she was not pick of the litter but rather pick of my heart; she’s independent but affectionate, and very loving.


With the years she’s also proved to have an excellent nose, and works very well; she’s focused and consistent, though she doesn’t have quite the prey drive of her grand-dam and her great grand-dam.
Nimla had her first litter in November 2018, by Clachan Boyaid; nine living puppies.

Her second litter was an AI with semen from Inanda Mellbrg Athol-Aramis by U; 11 living puppies, and I have decided to keep a boy, Ranston.

For more details re. Nimla’s litters, please see Previous Litters.