Fleur de Cap
June 22 2006 – May 20 2019

Fleur de Cap, e IntUCh Heshima ya Kimba Energy of Red ex Lionesque Clementine was whelped on June 22, 2006. She is a lovely Red Wheaten with a black mask, and has a wonderfully relaxed and outgoing temperament. Fleur has had three litters, please see Previous Litters.. for details. She is also an outstanding tracker, the best one I have ever had the privilege of working with.

September 21 2010 – May 17 2020

Inanda Mellberg Otto JV of Ersted was whelped on September 21st 2010, and was very thoroughly tested by Danish PH Jörgen Olsen before he moved to Denmark in November that year. However, Jörgen and Otto didn’t quite hit it off (Jörgen was used to Labradors, a breed that matures much more quickly than Rhodesian Ridgebacks), and in 2013 Otto came back to IMK. And I am very very pleased he did! In my opinion Otto is a super dog; correct, very healthy, a first-class tracker, and he has a wonderful temperament. Plus, he’s a superb puppy-sitter. He’s been shown with result Excellent, both in Sweden, and in South Africa. At the end of 2014 he sired a litter of 14 at kennel Hunting Pride in Norway, and in 2017 he sired a litter of four at kennel Amberhall in South Africa. He died from a ruptured spleen, after a tragic accident.

SeVCh Rekaylahn Amber
6 juni 2003 – 24 februari 2014

June 6, 2003 - Feb 24, 2014

Amber was born on the Swedish National Day, June 6th, in 2003, in the UK, and arrived in Sweden just over three months later. She is by GBCh Ndege Shaka of Eilack ex Vizara Hluhluwe Rekaylahn, and combines a very feminine appearance with a strong character and a very loving temperament.
She’s had four litters; for details see Previous Litters.
After a very active life, the years caught up with her, and when her body no longer did her bidding, I opted to have her put down.

SVCh Inanda Mellberg Winston
4 July 2002 – 17 January 2011

Inanda Mellberg Winston was born on July 4th 2002, by Orangelad ex Lionesque Clementine, and developed in a very handsome African gentleman, wheaten red in colour and with a lovely temperament.
He has sired two litters; one at IMK (see Previous Litters, 2007), and one at African Goldridge’s.

Swedish Field Tracking Champion.

Lionesque Clementine CV
22nd August 1999 – 30th August 2008

Clementine was a very beautiful and feminine lady, dark wheaten in colour. She was eager to please very difficult to upset, and she was a fantastic mother. She’s left a void that will never quite be filled.

January 21st 1996 – February 23rd 2008

Generally known as Churchill, Orangelad was a privilege to live with; a big, handsome chap with an excellent temperament. He is sorely missed.

Inanda Mellberg Shantih By Jukati
June 25th – August 12th 2023

Shantih was a much longed for little girl. I had long wanted a Jukati daughter, and I was super chuffed that it was ex my lovely Fleur de Cap.

She took her SeVCh (Swedish Field Tracking Championship) in three straight tracks in 2014, She was a very correct little lady, with a long and very good ridge, and a wonderful temperament.

In 2015 she was 2nd Best Bitch at the South African Club Show, and got the RCC.
She then had three litters. One in January 2016, by Excalibur Bolt, a South African gentleman with my first pedigreed RR, Praidas Salut, in his pedigree. I kept a bitch, Inanda Mellberg Nimla by Bolt.
A second litter was whelped in October 2017, by Clachan Boyaid, and a third in June 2020, also by Clachan Boyaid. From the 2020 litter I kept Dia, Inanda Mellberg Quaraa Hadiya C.

With the years Shantih developed into quite the Alpha, and she leaves a huge void in our pack.

For more details about these litters, please see Previous Litters.