Whelped on June 25th 2013, Shantih was a much longed for little girl. I had long wanted a Jukati daughter, and I was super chuffed that it was ex my lovely Fleur de Cap.

She took her SeVCh (Swedish Field Tracking Championship) in three straight tracks in 2014 and Shantih is a very correct little lady, with a long and very good ridge, and a wonderful temperament.

In 2015 she was 2nd Best Bitch at the South African Club Show, and got the RCC.

Since then she’s had one litter, in January 2016, by e. Excalibur Bolt, a South African gentleman with my first pedigreed RR, Praidas Salut, in his pedigree.
She’s also had a second litter, in October 2017, by Clachan Boyaid, and a third in June 2020, also by Clachan Boyaid.

For more details about these litters, please see Previous Litters.