inanda mellberg ranston


Although there have been numerous male dogs at IMK over the years, the last time that I actually went out and acquired one was in the last century. That was Churchill (Orangelad). Since then I bought back both Winston and Otto from puppy buyers who couldn’t quite cope with them, and when Otto died, in May 2020, I really missed having a boy around.


So when my R litter arrived, on March 24th 2021, I decided to keep Ranston. He’s by Inanda Mellberg Athol-Aramis by U ex Inanda Mellberg Nimla by Bolt, and it’s very first time ever I put an Inanda Mellberg dog to an Inanda Mellberg bitch.  And extra special as Nimla has my very first registered RR (Praidas Salut) in her pedigree, albeit 7 generations back. 


Ranston is a “high-energy” individual with a very good nose, but he is a very late developer (even for a Rhodesian Ridgeback), and as I write this (in 2023) he’s still lacking the focus and concentration necessary for a really good working dog.